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Me and Him

Me and Him

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New Orleans Jazz Festival Hemsby

New Orleans Heat (4 sessions) – Line-up: Richard Church (tpt), Dave Vickers (tmb), Roger Bird (clt), Harry Slater (string bass), Colin Bushell (dms), Alan Birkenhead (bjo), Barry Grummett (pno). Very strong front line and plenty of camaraderie. Treated to some very good solos. Great band for dancing. The band play "Moose March"


Seacroft Allstars (3 sessions) – Line-up: Steve Graham (cnt), Dave Vickers (tmb), Gavin Lee (clarinet), Howard Worthington (string bass), Dave Rae (bjo), Malc Murphy (dms), Ian Wynne (pno).  The band played some brilliant jazz, both ensemble and solos. Here the band play "The Sheik of Araby" .

Ian Wynne played “Ragtime Nightingale” beautifully as a solo.  Unfortunately, a music company wanted to make money from it so we removed it from Youtube.


Steve Graham is the proud possessor of the cornet that Ken Colyer played during his last 10 years. Richard Church, who was also playing at the Festival, just so happens to possess the other Colyer cornet. During the first session, and to celebrate the occasion, Richard Church joined the band. Both the Ken Colyer cornets being played at the same time – a world first.  They played  “My Old Kentucky Home”. Those of us there witnessed a once in a lifetime event. Please see our pages dedicated to the two cornets, and see "Canal Street Blues" played as well.


TJ Johnson Band (3 sessions) – Line-up: TJ Johnson (keyboard), Al Nichols (sax), Tony Pitt (gtr/bjo), Fred Threadgold (string bass), Wes Gibbons (dms). A bravure performance by TJ and the band. Very much appreciated by the audience. TJ plays "On The Road Again".


There was much dancing to all the bands and here are some.


The Festival weekend was brought to a close by the Seacroft Allstars during which the rhythm section played a rousing rendition of “I’m Walking”, very well sung by Ian Wynne.


It was a very exciting and enjoyable weekend. With grateful thanks to Pete Lay and Ben Roofe, who did an excellent job with the sound, to Heather Lay for announcing the acts. Also a special thanks to all the

musicians without whom these festivals would not happen.

We say goodbye and thank you, John and Renee Long, and wish you a long and happy retirement.

The March Jazz Festivals will continue at Hemsby under the stewardship of festival organisers

Pete and Heather Lay. If you haven’t booked for next March, do so now, the line-up is pretty impressive.