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Me and Him

Me and Him

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Ken Colyer  -   2 cornets

Hemsby 2017    Two Cornets – a brief history


Among the instruments that Ken Colyer owned were two cornets. A King Model cornet no: 1503 and a King Master Model cornet no: 283550 circa 1947.

The current owners of these cornets were playing at the New Orleans Jazz Festival in March 2017 at Seacroft, Hemsby.


Richard Church playing the King Master Model cornet no. 283550 with New Orleans Jazz Bandits and two tunes with the Seacroft Allstars (first session).

King Master Model cornet no: 283550. This photo of Ken Colyer is by Tony Leppard.

Richard Church is the proud owner of this particular cornet, with its original case. Richard purchased this from Ken Peat. With his kind permission we have reproduced the letter from Ken to Richard detailing its history. You can read it on the next page.


Steve Graham playing the King Model cornet no: 1503 with Rae Bros Festival Band and the Seacroft Allstars.

King Model cornet:1503.

This was played by Ken Colyer during the last 10 years of his life. Following his death it passed to Delphine (his ex-wife). By chance Steve was visiting her and the cornet was hanging on the wall. Taking the cornet down from the wall, Delphine handed to Steve and said “Here, you might as well have this”. What an amazing gesture.


During the Seacroft Allstars first session, on the Sunday afternoon, Richard joined the band for two numbers.  

They played “Canal Street Blues” and “My Old Kentucky Home”, thus bringing the two cornets together for the very first time.


A treat for every Colyer fan and a World first.

Ken Colyer2

Ken Colyer