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Me and Him

Me and Him

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Bude Jazz Festival 2014

Bude Jazz Festival has been in existence for some 20 odd years; for Me and Him this was our first visit. Shame on us. Finding accommodation was not easy. Most places are booked up at the previous years festival for the following one. What is left is either not worth it, very expensive or camping. We don’t do not worth it or camping, so it was very expensive. Being in the centre of town helps. We were not. Such a learning curve. Must say this though, where we stayed was very comfortable, but we won’t mention the food.


Having arrived late afternoon Monday 25th August, too late to collect our Stroller Badges, but in time to hear that a band was playing at The Globe 4 – 7pm. Richard Bennett Band with Dorine de Wit, plus Denny Illet, two local musicans, one on Flugel, the other on guitar (the guy from Rhythm and Bude). The pub was packed and everyone had a great time. Him and Me had a very nice meal there too.


Tuesday 26th August

First stop was the Jazz Office to collect our Badges. There were already a few people waiting for the Jazz Bus. We joined the queue for the badges. It was not the slickest of operations. Having pre-booked and paid for these in February, the queue also included those who had not, so the process was slowed down, and the wait was overly long. So long in fact, that by the time we left, the bus was full, and, being the only bus for an hour, meant that we would miss a large part of the first session of the Festival. We were not alone in this predicament. Our problem was compounded by the fact that we had to set up the camera before the session started. Frustrations galore. By and large, jazzers are nice people, woe betide anyone who stops them seeing the start of a gig. Another bus was summoned.


On the dot of 11.30, at the Bullers Arms, Jim McIntosh’s Jazzaholics kicked off the 2014 Bude Jazz Festival. (The bus arrived just in time). Line-up: Jim McIntosh banjo, Denny Illet trumpet, Karl Hird clarinet, Mike Owen trombone, Trefor “fingers” Williams bass, Baby Jools (Julian Aldridge) drums.

It was a great session, the band really excelled and wowed the audience. All great characters.

Never pass up a chance to see the Jazzaholics, you won’t be disappointed.